Staying Positive During an Internship/Entry Level Job Search

From the continuous news reports of staggering employment rates to repeated rejections after dozens of application submissions, new and recent college graduates often feel that searching for an entry level job or internships position is dismal. What many might not realize is that positivity is a critical tool for conquering today’s tough job market!

Frequent rejection can often lead to loss of confidence, depression and ultimately a defeatist mentality. In turn, this tendency leads to a cut back on job prospecting and it is one of the most detrimental to their success. In fact, candidates need to increase their prospecting exponentially.

Job-hunting remains a numbers game. Let's say that in an ideal market, one needs to send out 25 resumes to land 3 interviews, resulting in 1 job offer. Today, applicants need to double their efforts at a minimum. STAYING POSITIVE KEEPS YOU IN THE HUNT!

In addition, thanks to the law of attraction, people want to be around positive people. Maintaining a positive attitude will significantly help candidates throughout the entire process of networking and interviewing.

Here are some simple tips to conquer with optimism:

Positive vs. Negative:

  • Positive affirmations should, a) be written in the first person, b) avoid negative language, and, c) expressed in present terms. Job hunters should write their affirmation along the following lines: "I am succeeding in finding my dream entry-level position as a marketing analyst." These positive affirmations should be repeated out loud 5-10 times, 3 times per day.
  • Avoid all negatives: Avoid negative people, influences and situations. There's a lot of FEAR talk going on nowadays. Fear can be paralyzing. In fact, it's often nothing more than "False Evidence Appearing as Real." Avoid it at all costs!

Inner thoughts:

  • "Act-As-If" – Sometimes we may not be thinking positively about our situation. In times like these, behave in a positive manner even if you don't feel like it. If you're inner voice is telling you that you’re not up to making one more networking call, push yourself to do one more anyway. Oftentimes, the mere act or going through the motions is enough to get us out of a mental rut.
  • Body Language – Negativity is often expressed through our body language. Be aware of this as you interview and connect with others. Whether you make note of your posture or perform a few power moves before you enter the room, these can help in ways you might not realize.
  • Have a plan – It’s amazing how much more positive (and successful) people are when they wake up in the morning with a specific plan of action. The plan should set out short- and long-term SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timebound).
  • Faith – Although the perception might be that many people have lost faith (or have no faith at all) in God, recent studies show that approximately 75% of Americans believe in God or some form of a higher power. Why not tap into a higher power through prayer, meditation, etc.? Faith has proven to be an amazing source of power, encouragement and inspiration to those who practice and apply it.

Positive thinking will not only assist you in landing their dream job, but it can improve all facets of life. Let positivity energize and inspire you through your job search and beyond!