Leadership from Within: Tapping into your Centering Power

If you are an assistant to an executive, a mid-level manager, or the CEO of a company, no matter your level, leadership skill are necessary to succeed. Often, we are asked to take on additional responsibilities and are challenged beyond our formal position or title. Some enthusiastically rise to the occasion while others shrink and become fearful and think “they don’t have what it takes.” But everyone has what it takes once they tap into their centering power!

The key to developing individual leadership is to focus on our inherent leadership capability requiring an internal focus. We all have a spiritually driven leadership, what I refer to as “Centering Power,” but we still need to find our own path rather than copy or imitate someone else’s. Centering power is fueled by our beliefs about (and trust in) ourselves, others, and/or a higher spiritual power. These are the three (3) components:

Belief in Self: A good starting place for any leader is to believe in “self.” The enemy of belief in self is doubt and in turn leads to feelings of disparity, discouragement and self-pity. All of which negatively impact our effectiveness as a leader. We are unable to make clear decisions and take decisive action.

Belief in Others: In the workplace, we are often dependent upon others to reach our goals. With scarce resources, we can’t possibly accomplish our objectives without teamwork and collaboration. Some common symptoms of mistrust include: - hoarding information - working secretively - not sharing ideas - failure to delegate.

Belief in a Higher Spiritual Power: Studies show that over 75% of Americans believe in a higher spiritual power. Spirituality is different from religion because it has universal meaning, crossing all religious and ethnic boundaries. According to Webster’s dictionary, it is a “life-giving force,” or animating principle. Few would argue that it’s not important for an individual, groups, teams, or a corporation for that matter to have “spirit.” The idea of exuding “spirit” in the workplace is accepted, if not welcomed, by most people.

By tapping into our magnificent power within, we are enabled to meet the personal leadership challenges that lie ahead with a steady, unwavering conviction and sense of purpose. Use your centering power in your everyday leadership to your assignments that go beyond your comfort zone.