5 Tips for How to Live a Healthy and Prosperous Life

Whether you make your plans for the coming months in the back of your mind or on blank spaces in your daily agenda, there is one plan you might actually be forgetting to create: one for your health and prosperity. Many don’t realize that living a healthy and prosperous live requests careful thought, planning, and execution. You are more likely to achieve success if you follow a path and keep these 5 things in mind:

Have a Vision in Mind: Know what the big picture for your life looks like. Does it center on health/wellness, career, relationships, spirituality, finances, etc? Living a successful life starts with having a clear idea of what life is all about. An idea that transcends short-term, live for the moment thinking. This energizes us and propels us into action.

Enlist Others: We live interdependent lives. Let your family and close friends in on your plans. They will be more than happy to provide commentary. This will help you make adjustments to your plans as appropriate.

Make a Plan (and go public with it): As the old saying goes, fail to plan and you plan to fail, writing down your plan that includes hard goals and strategies to achieve them will help you to keep your feet to the fire. When we tell others about our plans, we put ourselves on the hook. No one wants to be embarrassed by not following through on public pronouncements.

Take Care of Your "Customers”: We all have customers in our lives – not just those associated with business. There's so much meaning to the word "customer." Why not put best practices for treating customers into place when dealing with friends and family? The outcome will be much better and enrich our lives tenfold.

And finally…

Execute (and be open to feedback): Follow through is key. No one achieves health and prosperity without deliberate and steadfast commitment to seeing one's plans all the way through to completion regardless of obstacles, roadblocks, and the naysayers. Review your progress by setting clear markers in place to measure against.