The Potential for Making Money from a Hobby

In an ideal world, our hobbies would be our profession and would ensure financial stability. What if I told you that this is possible in the world you live in today? With unemployment is still hovering around record high levels, this could be the perfect time to take your hobby into the next level. Why not rethink your situation by making your hobby your livelihood?

Here are a few people that have earned a living doing what they love and comes naturally:

  • Mary W. and her husband love to scuba dive in the Caribbean. So much so, they open a shop specializing in scuba lessons and offer guided tours. Result: They started a business affording them to raise their two children while doing what they loved to do the most.
  • Nancy O. spent much of her off time knitting for friends and family. She receives rave reviews and requests to produce more "product." As a result, she decides to open a retail store selling "homemade" product and also teaches knitting classes.
  • "Jack" tires of his work in financial services. He and his wife, "Christine," decide to open a bike shop in their hometown. They pursue their passion for biking and fitness and have attracted a loyal customer base in the process.
  • Raegan no longer enjoyed working for a large, bureaucratic corporation and began designing, manufacturing, and selling baby blankets from her kitchen table. This was fueled by her desire as a mother to provide safe, comfortable material for babies. She quit her day job and currently manages her extremely successful business that produces her blankets globally.

Should you desire to follow a similar route from these inspiring entrepreneurs, be sure to consult an expert to ensure success. Many people have marketable hobbies but lack experience and knowledge in how to create and sustain a thriving business. Be conscious of the below these before you begin:

  • How to secure capital/funding.
  • How to best market their goods or services.
  • How to recruit, develop and retain top talent.
  • How to create the appropriate infrastructure including processes to manage growth.

Here's some advice: Stop waiting for the big ship to arrive that is navigated by someone else. Build your own boat and be the captain of your own ship! Follow your own course but be sure to heed the counsel of those who are in the know. There's absolutely no reason why you can't make your hobby into a full-time, endeavor offering meaning and satisfaction in life (along with a nice income)!