Me, Inc. - How to Master the Business of Being You

Me, Inc. - How to Master the Business of Being You

This proactive, practical guide is unlike any self-help book you've ever read. It's not about simple motivation or inspiration; that stuff only matters if you have a plan. Me, Inc. is designed to help you develop that plan and then execute it to perfection. It's not a generic, one-size-fits-all program, but a personalized system for improving your life and filling it with purpose, meaning, and contentment.

In Me, Inc., business consultant and executive coach Scott Ventrella shows you how to achieve unlimited success by incorporating the basic principles of good business into everyday living. He starts by sharing the ten time-tested principles that guide most successful and enduring companies and shows you how to apply them to your life. Once you understand those principles, Ventrella helps you design your own custom "exceptional living plan" — much like a business plan — that will guide you on the road to an exceptional life.

What if you were the CEO of a mediocre company? Would you just sit back and let the business plod along on a road to nowhere? Of course you wouldn't. Any competent CEO would get proactive and start developing and implementing a plan for success. Now think about your life. Isn't it just as important as any business?

Over the course of twelve "milestones" and accompanying exercises, you'll learn what you want and why, create your custom exceptional living plan based on your ultimate goals, use that plan as an everyday guide to living, and learn how to maintain your momentum and stay on track. You'll take stock of your most important "clients," gather feedback on your actions, set goals and priorities, and implement plans for change and constant improvement. Rather than float through life, you'll take control, be your own boss, and steer You, Inc. into the black.

You only lead one life, so why lead an average one? Me, Inc. will show you how to stop living by accident and start living on purpose. When you embrace your role as CEO of your own life, you'll live with enthusiasm, determination, purpose, and confidence. If you want to achieve your goals and dreams, now is the time to take charge and be the boss.

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Me, Inc. - How to Master the Business of Being You

The Me, Inc. program begins with an introduction to the ten business principles of successful, enduring companies that you can apply to your daily life. Then it gets you started developing a business plan for your life — the achievable, highly personalized Exceptional Living Plan that will enable you to move from the life you have to the life you want and deserve.

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The Power of Positive Thinking in Business

Foreword The Legacy,
by Mrs. Ruth Stafford Peale

It was my husband's insight that we are all born positive thinkers, but some of the traits of positive thinking have become clouded over by the inevitable stresses of our daily lives.

Norman Vincent Peale spent much of his professional life showing people how to recapture their innate positiveness, especially when faced with adversity or challenge.

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