Me, Inc. - How to Master the Business of Being You

Me, Inc. - How to Master the Business of Being YouThe Me, Inc. program begins with an introduction to the ten business principles of successful, enduring companies that you can apply to your daily life. Then it gets you started developing a business plan for your life — the achievable, highly personalized Exceptional Living Plan that will enable you to move from the life you have to the life you want and deserve. You'll begin by figuring out exactly what "the life you want" looks like. Next, just as a company would do, you'll determine who your most important "customers" are and gather feedback from them on how you can improve. You'll set priorities and goals, collect data to determine how you're doing, and make specific plans for implementing change.

The real beauty of this program is that it works. It has been tested and proven to bring about lasting results not only by the clients I've coached but also by the hundreds of students who have taken my standing-room-only classes. Unlike other similar programs on the market, Me, Inc. takes a highly proactive, no excuses approach to self-improvement . In other words, you won't just sit down and think about how to change your life for the better, you'll actually do it. What's more, this program doesn't offer a generic, one-size-fits-all plan. On the contrary, Me, Inc. will give you the guidance and hands-on tools you need to develop a plan that you write, which is based on your values and priorities, and which works within the framework you determine according to your timeline. When you follow Me, Inc., you become the boss of your own life. Soon, you'll find yourself leading an exceptional life — a life filled with purpose, meaning, and contentment.

The Me, Inc. Program

Living On Purpose
Introduction  How You Can Create and Implement an Exceptional Living Plan
Activity: Quality of Life Index


Figuring Out What You Want and Why You Want It

The Burning Platform
Milestone 1  Making a Case for Change
Activity: Cost of Inefficient Living (COIL)
“I Always Wanted to Be…”
Milestone 2 Establishing Your Platinum Standard
Activity: The Big Dig


Creating Your Exceptional Living Plan

What Matters Most
Milestone 3 Getting Your Priorities Straight
Activity: Priority Pyramids
Who Matters Most
Milestone 4 Incorporating Others Into Your Plan
Activity: Circles of Customers
To the Horizon and Beyond!
Milestone 5 Setting Goals and Uber-goals
Activity: Idea Juicing
Now You’ve Got It
Milestone 6 Putting it All Together
Activity: The Exceptional Living Plan


Turning Your Plan Into Reality

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Milestone 7 Figuring Out What’s Working and What’s Not
Activity: Picturization
Fire Fighting
Milestone 8 Leaving the Crisis Zone
Activity: The Five Why’s
The Art of Anticipation
Milestone 9 Wowing Your Customers
Activity: Quick Pulse Check
Free to Be
Milestone 10 Empowering Yourself and Others
Activity: Outsourcing
The A+ Player
Milestone 11 Entering the Purpose Zone
Activity: Supercharge Me!


Keeping Your Momentum Going

The Only Constant in Life is Change
Milestone 12 Embracing the Spirit of Continuous Improvement
Activity: 360 Degree Feedback
Would You Follow You?